In the United States alone, over $175 billion is spent on advertising and branding every year.[1]

Even Coca-Cola spent over $2.5 billion on advertising in 2006, despite already being one of the most recognizable brands in the world.[2]

Now, attorneys have gotten into the mix, some spending huge sums on advertising in order to build a brand name for their firm.

Throughout your week, you find lawyers marketing themselves on TV commercials, radio, billboards, and bus stops. Some people call these attorneys ‘TV Lawyers’.

When TV lawyers spend so much time and money on advertising, they are serving themselves: to build a brand name and try to attract new clients.

Instead of gaining competitive advantage by being the best lawyer possible and getting the best results possible for your clients, lawyers end up competing over who has spent the most money on marketing.

This may be problematic for you, the client.

All of that advertising to bring in new clients means TV lawyers have increasing numbers of cases to juggle- which can mean less time spent on each individual case. In fact they need a high volume of clients simply to make their advertising a good investment.

Think about it. If your lawyer focuses so much energy and resources on advertising and branding, how is that helping you, the client, win your case?

The answer is simple: advertising does not help you win your case.

That’s why at LaGarde Law, LLC, I have a strict Zero-Advertising policy.[3] I want to spend my time and energy getting the best possible outcome for every single client, not filming TV ads.

And, to ensure that all of my clients receive the highest quality services possible, I cap my case load at 40 active cases at a time; never more.

When a client signs with LaGarde Law, LLC, they are given the direct line to my desk phone, not the number to a paralegal or secretary. This ensures that you and I can stay in close communication throughout your case. My top priority is my duty to you, the client, to give your case as much time and energy as I possibly can.

If an attorney is juggling hundreds of cases at one time, how can he honestly tell you that all of those cases are being worked as hard as possible? 

Is my firm’s model a winning formula? The results speak for themselves:

  • The entire law practice is built on referrals from satisfied clients. I don’t need to advertise in order to get new clients.

  • My average case value in 2014 was over $210,000.00 per case.[4]

  • Highest recovery to date: $2.5 million for a single client.


I can’t speak for any other attorneys, so next time you are in the market for a lawyer, I encourage you to ask how much money they spent on advertising last year, how many current active cases he or she is handling, or how their results stack up against mine...




[3] The only exception being this website, business cards, and charitable giving.

[4] This is only an average case value for Jan. 1, 2014 through Dec. 31, 2014; it is no indicator of the value of your particular case. Every case is different.